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Therapeutic Coaching focuses on the individual, and the personal goals they have set for themselves. Coaching may be the right fit for someone focusing on making some personal advancement in the form of career changes, relationship improvement, financial achievements, or any of life's other challenges. 

These areas may feel overwhelming to you. You may have discussed these challenges with family or friends, only to hear their advice - but that doesn't feel right to you. You need someone just to listen, celebrate your accomplishments with you, and not offer unhelpful advice.

Why would Coaching be right for you?

If you have tried a few solutions on your own, but find yourself slipping back into your old routines, rarely making much progress.

If you know what the right steps are, but feel that without someone acting as your accountability partner, you fail to see much progress.

If you are tired of hearing everyone else's advice on what they have done, what they would do, or how they made so much progress... and just want to develop and stick to your own path and routine.

If you decide that Therapeutic Coaching is right for you, I promise to:

  • Celebrate your wins with you.

  • Help you feel accountable to someone who only has your success and best  interests at heart.

  • Ask questions that help you look at things a little differently, but not try and force you into a predetermined program that doesn't feel right to you.

  • Make this process fun and exciting - exactly what every positive change and transformation should be!

Leadership Coaching is the process of coaching a leader in a business or professional sense. It involves working with an individual on any leadership challenges they may have in the workplace, including workplace conflict, motivating their team, creating a focused team mindset, or other challenges. This type of coaching may be provided and financed by an employwer, or it may be sought by an individual looking for an opportunity to strengthen their professional skills for a desired promotion.

Why would I need Leadership Coaching?

Could you use some assistance in building cohesiveness within a team?

Could you use some help in determining who the most influential members of your team are, and how to utilize their talents for the rest of the team?

Could you use some resources in determining what type of leader you are, and how your style can best benefit your team?

Are there other leadership challenges you find yourself faced with, and you are not sure what next steps you should take?

Do you feel burnt out in your current career, and find yourself looking for more growth?

Have you reached the maximum growth in your current position, but are not sure what direction you should take next?

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If you feel like any of these situations relate to you, click below for a free consultation.

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