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Throughout my career, there have been moments when someone would walk into my office and exclaim that they had hit a road block.  They were frustrated, overwhelmed, or had tried several ways to fix a problem, but their solutions didn’t seem to be working. When they came into my office, experiencing these situations, it meant that there was always a way I could help them find success.  It meant that they were ready to make a change. Again and again, I have worked with a manager on a challenging situation, helping each of them to find the best path for success. I have watched as they moved beyond their comfort zone, finding strength when they didn’t think they had, and reap the rewards that followed.


These moments are what led me to become a coach, and realizing how passionate I am about other’s success.  I am so motivated to see you successfully meet your goals, reach your highest potential, and take the next step to make your life even more enjoyable. 


What Qualifies Me to Be Your Coach?

I received my certification in Life Coaching in August of 2017 from World Coach Institute.   I also have over 10 years’ experience as a Human Resources Director in Northern VT. Throughout my career, I have developed strong relationships among those I work with, helping them to develop their management and leadership styles. By helping to bolster their confidence, I am able to gently guide them into taking steps they didn't believe themselves possible of taking.  Those who've worked closely with me describe me as proactive, supportive and passionate.


My work in Human Resources helped me to develop my skills in working with all different situations.  But I continually found myself drawn to those who were looking to further themselves-those interested in taking the next step in their career.  It was those moments where I knew I could make a difference.  I decided to become a coach to experience more moments where I could work with people who were searching for that next step; those who wanted to take their life, career or minds a step above where they are.  It has been an incredible journey.


I have earned the Professional of Human Resources Credential, and the SHRM-CP.  I graduated from Champlain College with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.  I am continuing my studies with World Coach Institute, as well earning my credentials with the International Coaching Federation.  


I live and work in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, with my husband Isaac and our young sons, Evan and Alex.  We also have two dogs, a black lab named Remy and a golden retriever named Axel.  Let’s face it, the dogs are actually the ones who run the house.

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