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Your questions; answered.

  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a process in which the coach works closely with a client who is interested in making positive changes in their life or career. A coach is not a consultant, but one who will ask deep and direct questions of the client to help them to develop their own journey for themselves.
  • Who can benefit from having a coach?
    Anyone. Anyone who has felt motivated to make a change, but isn't sure where to start. That change could be in starting a business or tackling a significant initiative at work. It could be someone who feels like they are interested in further developing their communication skills or making a career changing decision. Coaching can help frame the client's goals with them and provide unending positive support along the way.
  • Can I book an Intake Session?
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  • I don't want someone who's going to tell me what to do. Is that what you do?
    A coach is someone who asks you questions and uses other techniques to determine what you really want to accomplish for yourself. There is no prescribed list of tasks to get you to your end result, those have to be developed along the way. My role in the process is to guide you through questions, finding out what you've tried In the past, and how you think you might be successful now. Once you determine your own path, I will then help you determine the best accountability in reaching those goals. Throughout the process, I will be there to celebrate your wins with you, and recreate the path if it becomes too challenging.
  • What are your fees?
    Each fee is dependent on the type of coaching you are looking for, and the length of the program you sign up for. For further information, please contact me to set up an individual consultation based on your particular needs.
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