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I believe in Self Care.

Sure, I love reading a good novel, relaxing in a warm bath or treating myself to the occasional pedicure.  But what I think is more important, now more than ever, is self care that focuses on improviing our lives.  Whether that is ensuring our house is kept tidy, that we have planned out a month of meals, or in this case, how we think about money.  

Included in this box, you will find the money book that changed my life.  Jen Sincero has a no BS way of looking at money, the energy she gives to energy, and how she has overcome living in a place of "I'm broke" to "My financial situation is temporary, it's not who I am, it's where I am, money is all around me, I'ma find me some and make this happen."  I know that you will walk away from this book with a renewed appreciation for the energy that money has in your own life.

Additionally, I have curated tools to help you in your journey.  You will find envelopes for keeping track of your cash budget, and where your dollars go.  You will find a budget planner made especially for you, to start to physically write down your expenses, where you can cut back, and develop a plan for saving each and every week (even if it is $5).  There are also some special self care items that I have made for you-a peaceful smelling candle to light as you watch your financial situation improve, and an essential oil roll on that will provide uplifting aromas while you are on the go.  I have provdided you with a mini pin board and pins so that you can place it in your bedroom, bathroom or by the coffee maker where you see it each day-a place to write down money mantras that will serve you in the quest to improve your financial outlook.

I hope that you find this helpful in your journey, and cannot wait to see your success.

Financial Self Care Box

  • March

    • Virtual Financial Seminar
    • Jen Sincero's 'You Are a Badass at Making Money'
    • Cash Budget Tracking Envelopes
    • Customized Budget Planner
    • Handmade Candle
    • Essential Oil Roll-on
    • Mini Pinboard & Pins
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