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A roadmap to goal achievement.

The course kicks off on Wednesday, July 7th when you'll receive your Goal Planning Workbook and invitation to join an exclusive Facebook group. We'll start our Week 1 session beginning the following Wednesday, July 14th.


Week 1 | Goals & Habits
How to Shape Your Mindset, believing that your goals are possible.


Week 2 | Defining Big Goals
What are your greatest dreams? What areas of focus do you have?


Week 3 | Evaluating Relationships
Finding Influential Mentors and distancing yourself from those saying you are just a dreamer.


Week 4 | Creating Mini Habits
How starting small can impact overall success.


Week 5 | Visual Representations of Your Goals
We'll discuss the importance of visualizing your goals.

  • Often, this takes shape as a Vision Board; a decorative pin board where you can post photos, quotes and trackers to help keep your goals top of mind. I have a limited supply of boards, available at an additional cost. Choose this add-on at check-out to get yours.


Week 6 | Financial Self Care
Money Mindset and Taking Care of Yourself First

  • Maybe money isn't the first thing you think of when you hear about self care, but I think we can change that. The Financial Self Care Box includes a Budget Workbook, a 'You Are a Badass at Making Money' book by Jen Sincero, as well as some other special goodies to help guide your mindset towards the positive ways money affect our lives. Interested? Be sure to choose this add-on at check-out before week 2 to ensure timely delivery.


Week 7 | Environmental Factors
Positive Changes can be small and still be a big deal!


Week 8 | Work?
I thought it was time to celebrate? Let's do both.

Elevate Your Dream Course

  • Wednesday, July 7th

  • Wednesday, July 14th

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