a special opportunity


Six years ago, my husband and I were lucky to have the opportunity to change our financial future.  My employer had just changed 401(k) plans, giving all employees access to connect with a Financial Advisor who helped us perform a Financial Needs Analysis.  This analysis allowed us to take an in depth look at our financial position, from what we had in savings, to retirement potential, even down to the deductibles we have for house and car insurance.  The process was 100% Free, and was as easy as gathering our policies and details together.  In return, our Advisor gave us a plan of action for our future.


Fast forward to our current financial situation.  We have paid off our vehicles, drastically improved our credit scores and have started education savings accounts for both of our children.  Getting here took discipline, planning and a road map.  If you would like to hear our story, understand what a financial needs analysis is and how it can benefit you, along with other great tidbits of info, let me know you are interested by signing up below.

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