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Vision Board Workshop

Welcome to True Edge Coaching's Virtual Vision Board Course!

Since we are unable to meet in person for a life-changing opportunity to set our 2021 goals, I have put together an amazing project for you. Included in this course, you will receive a beautiful new board to use as your vision board for 2021 with coordinating pins, along with a Goal Planning Workbook to help you define your goals for the next year.

The first 12 subscribers will also receive a gorgeous new yearly planner as a thank you
for joining me in this exciting new adventure.

Most importantly, you will receive the chance to participate in my first ever Virtual Vision Board workshop. Those who have attended in person in the past can attest to what an incredible opportunity this is.

I can't wait to have you join me, and an amazing community, so that we can put 2020 behind us, learn all that it had to teach us, and move forward into 2021 with purpose and positive goals to look forward to.

​Take a look at my gallery below to see some highlights from past workshops

then click here to begin.

- Allyson

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